You now have an open wound in the skin and it must be treated accordingly. How this heals depends a lot on how you treat it, but we can never guarantee a perfect result. It is completely normal that you can lose some ink in this process. Certain areas heal differently due to wear and tear (hands, fingers, elbows, feet, knees). The wound will bleed and ooze for a few days to come.

things to remember

  • Always wash your hands before touching the tattoo, when cleaning it or applying lotion on it.
  • No swimming or sunbathing the next 3-4 weeks, but you can shower normally.                                                 LES MER OM SOLING OG BADING HER
  • Avoid exercise, sweating and stretching the area for at least one week.                                                                 LES MER OM TATOVERING OG TRENING HER 
  • Always use only clean towels, bedding and clothing to avoid infections.                                                        


-TATTOOMED Cleansing gel (såpe)

-TATTOOMED After Tattoo (lotion)


Second Skin (the plastic over your new tattoo)

The plastic you now have on the tattoo can stay on for up to 3 - 5 days. It is completely normal for liquid, blood and ink to appear in a small bubble under the plastic. If it falls off or gets a hole in it, you can use regular plastic wrap that you have at home until it stops leaking.

When you have to remove the plastic, the best way is to rinse it with warm water so that it loosens a little, also ROLL off the plastic. When you remove the plastic, it may look like a bit of the tattoo "comes with" and that is completely normal.


In the first few days, it is important to wash and lubricate the tattoo several times a day. If your tattoo is still oozing/bleeding it is important to wash this off. If this dries you will get a crust, and we will try to avoid that. Make sure you lubricate the tattoo and keep the tattoo moist. Always apply thin layers and wash your hands before touching the tattoo.


HYour skin will become more and more normal over the weeks as it heals, and you will have less and less need to lubricate it. Always lubricate if it feels dry.

Infections and inflammation

There is always a risk of this when you break the skin. The vast majority of infections occur because satisfactory post-treatment is not followed. It is both better and easier to take care of the tattoo than having to take care of infections. If that were to happen and you start to feel pain or notice other suspicious symptoms, you should contact a doctor.