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In order for us to be able to help you further, you must send us a request HERE. Based on that information, we will be able to help you choose an artist and how long you have to book, and whether you need to have a consultation first or not.

It all depends on the design, the size, the artist and the position on the body. The more details a tattoo has, the longer the tattoo will take to make. Placement as in e.g. the ribs will take longer due to the skin being stretched a lot, and will therefore also cost more than elsewhere on the body. A smaller tattoo is not automatically cheaper, as minor tinkering can take as long as a larger tattoo. 

You can get this by submitting a request to us. The reception can then give an approximate price, but it is the artist himself who sets the price for the work they perform. In the event of changes in design, size and location, the estimate will not apply. If you are unsure, always ask your artist.

Ja vi selger gavekort kun via nettsiden, varighet 1 år.

No Unfortunately. No animals are allowed on our premises.

We do not take any form of deposit with us. All payments are made after the tattoo session is over. All payments are in cash/bank card, we do not take invoices. 

You can take a quick shower the same evening the tattoo is made. Remember not to get ordinary soap in the tattoo, as it is like an open wound. 

Yes, we do, but be aware that places such as hands, fingers, feet, knees and elbows are areas of extreme wear and tear that heal extremely poorly, and rarely end up looking good. There is no form of guarantee at these places and touch ups are at the full hourly price. 

Our artists rarely create designs in advance. They finalize the design together with you in your class. If you have a special wish to have a design made in advance, this can be agreed in advance.

Take a photo of your tattoo and send an email to with the date the tattoo was taken and by which artist.

Although you can get a tattoo at any time of the year, your skin gets a lot more wear and tear during the summer with the sun and swimming. Fall, winter and spring are really the best seasons to get a tattoo.

You must have reached the age of 18. Even with parental approval, we do not tattoo anyone under 18.

Vi foretrekker at du kommer alene til din time, men det er lov og ha med seg en venn.

Våre artister har en minstepris på 1500 kr. Prisen for en tatovering hos lærlinger vil være lavere. Send oss en forespørsel.

The waiting time varies greatly depending on what you want, and which artist is best suited for your tattoo. Send us a request and we will be able to say something more about the waiting time.

All our artists are paid after the end of the hourly agreement. All accept cash and Norwegian bank cards. Visa only, no credit cards.

If you do not meet at your agreed time, you will be invoiced NOK 1,000 per scheduled hour. We have a 48-hour cancellation period. If you have to change or cancel the lesson, you must call the studio no later than 48 hours before. This also applies to changes in design.

A 30-minute consultation with an artist is free of charge. If you want a draft of the design, the artist will charge for this in advance, but this is not something the artists usually do. A consultation is only for sketching and drooling about ideas.

We recommend that you eat well before coming to your appointment, and remember to stay hydrated. If you feel dizzy, have a soda. Sugar is your friend in this situation. It is not recommended to fast the day before, as alcohol can increase bleeding for up to 24 hours. Blood also dilutes the pigments so that it affects both the appearance of the tattoo and the healing process.

Consult a pharmacy and follow their recommendations. If you are in direct pain, always see a doctor.

Yes! Getting a tattoo is a painful process. It requires the application of pigment through the top layer of skin and into the dermis. The bigger the tattoo, the longer it will take to make, and thus the pain lasts longer. Smaller tattoos go quickly and thus less time with pain. But remember, people wouldn't get a second tattoo if the first one was that bad.

Getting a tattoo when your immune system is not 100% is not a good idea. You will need all your strength to heal the tattoo, which your body will not be able to do if it is already fighting off viruses and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that it is very stupid to bring the disease into the studio and risk passing the germs to others, especially your tattoo artist. If you are ill and have an appointment, call and move the appointment to a later time. In these times of Covid-19, we advise all customers to reschedule the appointment if you feel ill or experience symptoms. Rather move the class one time too much, than one time too little!