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0350 Oslo



Manu is a specialist in old school tattoos, a creative mind who puts together designs according to the customer's wishes. He is also a very versatile tattoo artist who can do most things.


Kathrin creates superb fineline tattoos of flowers, animals and other cool designs. Speaks Norwegian, Polish and English. 


If you are looking for a black and white tattoo, Jarl is the right man for the job. Earl mainly works with black and white realism but also knows a good deal about color tattoos.


Kasia er en erfaren tatoverings artist med en kreativ sjel. Trenger du hjelp til og designe en tatovering er dette artisten man skal besøke. Tatoverer alt fra små tynne tatoveringer til store realistiske tatoveringer.


Specializes in custom font, linework and fineline. Esteban is absolutely raw at single needle and there are few who can measure up to him when it comes to precision. He also likes to do larger minimalist designs, or microrealism. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face!


Rino is totally awesome in big old school tattoos with colors or black and white if you want. Rino is also super good at cover up tattoos if you have some older tattoos that you could consider covering up.


Fredrik startet som lærling hos oss Januar 2022, og siden den gang har det kun gått oppover. Et veldig stort talent innen tegning og har et helt spesielt øye for detaljer. Han gjør alt i fra enkle designs til realistiske motiver. Bare sjekk ut portrettene hans. 


Maren is one of our apprentices and is well into tattooing. She mainly makes simpler designs at a nice price. She has previously danced and if you're lucky you end up with a fat ice cream and a show. 


Frida er vår andre lærlingen som jobber hos oss. Hun har tatovert siden høsten 2022 og hun lærer super fort og er åpen for mange ulike stiler.


Solvita er vår nyeste lærling . Hun har en lys fremtid innen tatoverings bransjen. Hun har begynt og tatovere små tatoveringer til en hyggelig pris. Hun har en bakgrunn bestående av 5+ år av fine Arts studier, med fordypning i akademisk kunst, illustrasjon og grafikk. Et godt øye for detaljer og finesse når det kommer til design.


Over the years, we have built up a solid customer base and we receive many new requests daily.

Electric Linda opened our doors in 2008, and today we are Norway's largest and most renowned tattoo studio.

With us, you will have the opportunity to work with many artists with unique styles. Thus, everyone can learn from each other, inspire each other and grow as artists. Our tattoo artists are not just artists, they are specialists.

We have our own full-time receptionist who receives all visiting customers and all inquiries by telephone and e-mail. The reception also manages the appointment booking for all the artists.

Our tattooists get their own spacious, permanent workplace.