Electric Linda Booking Update

Many of you are waiting for Electric Linda’s appointment book to open again. Now she has some new information.

“I might have surgery in my lower back, as well as my knee, but they can’t give me a schedule as I’m still waiting for more examinations.”

You can read more about Linda’s health and other stuff at electriclinda.net

Booking 2 weeks at a time

Since we do not know enough about Linda’s time perspective, we can only book 2 weeks at a time. We will continue doing this until Linda receives more information regarding surgery and sick leave. I.e:

Monday, February 25, we open for the period 4-15 March.

Monday, March 11 we will open for the period 18-30 March.

The booking periods are open until they are full and will continue to book in the same pattern until she goes on sick leave.

Remember to take a look at our other tattoo artists at Attitude in the meantime. Please send a request if you are unsure of which tattoo artist is best suited for your next tattoo.